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Hal Dividson

Hal Davidson’s 4 decades of concert and music festival producing and promoting experience is available to you and your project!


High quality consulting is not expensive, not having it is.
Rent a promoter! Your opportunity to tap into a concert and festival producer’s vast experience.



A full spectrum live event promoter with an extensive background in marketing, production, planning and management.

Here are the most popular reasons to use a concert or music festival consultant:

  1. What do I do first? What is the correct professional sequence of events?
  2. Help me refine my concert or festival plan.
  3. I need general advice NOW!
  4. Festival project analysis: financial viability, event format, plan development, timing and venue.
  5. Investor, lawyer, accountant or municipal assistance for proposed festival concept, existing event analysis, budgeting, evaluations, problems or expert opinion.
  6. Paperwork: One Sheet, Executive Summary 2-5 pages, concert/ festival business plan, investor proposal (6-20 pages depending on the number of concerts or festival size and budget), itemized budget with income projections, custom forms, contract and agreement review and composition.
  7. Sponsorship deck formulation.
  8. Venue scouting, festival site layout, government negotiations.
  9. Marketing research, marketing mix suggestions and plans, media buying, press releases, website layout/ layout advice.
  10. Budget analysis, formulation & development for your concert or festival.
  11. Ecommerce and merchandising, ticket pricing.
  12. Concert or festival management or help on particular components.
  13. Organization, staffing, traffic and security.
  14. General advice and discussions by phone or email when you need it, added insights, experienced - confidential help.
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Concert & Music Festival Proposal Plans Contract book cover

7 days a week, one free phone call with Hal Davidson, and you’ll quickly learn that decades of promoting experience offers you a major edge. There’s more to this business than you can imagine. If you read one of Hal’s books, you’ll start to see that festivals are like any other trade you may embark on, it takes many years to become expert. Even established promoters use Hal’s incredible knowledge.

First decide what you need and how much you can spend. Just like an engineer or attorney, the more time you need, the more it costs. Long term consulting or large projects are not priced per hour, but according to the size of the project and tasks you require, it is negotiated. The quality of the work is unmatched because Hal is completely dedicated to your work. A professional result is guaranteed.

Concerts are far simpler than even a festival, but they are also riskier. These days in a concert format, the major artist takes most of the net profit and you generally do not have beer or alcoholic beverage sales. But a music festival requires big money and some experience in concerts first. There’s a lot on the line when you produce a music festival. The government is involved and the community is watching your every move.

Drawing from many years of events, Hal can see things you can’t. This is one of the main reasons why a second opinion helps. Performing due diligence, writing compelling investor plans and developing an accurate cost/ revenue sheet increases chances of profitability, improves your confidence level and improves event safety… and the ticket buyer’s enjoyment.

Whether promoting in a club concert series, theatre, arena, racetrack, city fest or music festival on a farm, it’s wise to have a highly experienced music festival promoter/consultant on your side.

Renting a case-hardened promoter brings your event a wide range of services without the cost of employing an entire company, which still won’t have the type of combined experience. Maybe your expertise is elsewhere and you know when you need the assistance.

Most importantly, there is a correct sequence of events when promoting the stages of a concert or festival. Sponsorships also require a proper order of action and plenty of advance time.

It takes years to learn the winning formula. In these times, you need to combine what works with trends and industry knowledge, to ensure a winning event. Learn to maximize revenue streams!

This is what Dr. Tony Anderson in Ohio said about Hal’s service:

A sincere thank you for such an insightful and fruitful conversation yesterday. That dialogue was immensely beneficial. Calling you before that meeting was the right move because it more than adequately prepared me for my dialogue with the Stadium.


When it does come to marketing, Hal Davidson’s marketing plans and execution of a sound, sustained marketing mix, including conventional and online marketing, is hard hitting and effective.

poster for Ringling Bros. Circus

Your ticket price, event timing, venue and product must all be aligned with the stars to maximize your event`s profit and festival experience. Hal helps weigh all of the factors influencing marketing.

As a former Ringling Bros. Circus and Ice Follies promoter and independent event promoter, working in many U.S. cities and other countries, Cyprus, Canada and Australia, Hal can work in any market.

Hal`s corporate background in resort and travel marketing enables him to tie in the back end integrating ecommerce and merchandise and sponsors easily. His experience in reservations, call center operations and ticketing allows him to introduce a larger scope to your revenue streams.

It`s knowing what not to do as well as learning what to do, and how to do it properly. Only experience can make a promoter. Having some guidance is a blessing.

Hundreds of facts, methods, promoter`s timeline, contacts and advice can be found in Hal`s best-selling promoter`s manual, now 425 pages ages of industry info. including: forms, layouts, sample rider contracts, Offer Sheet, step-by-step instructions and recommendations. Awesome Book! HOW NOT TO PROMOTE CONCERTS & MUSIC FESTIVALS and HOW TO PROMOTE CONCERTS SIMPLIFIED are sold to promoters in more than 25 countries! Hal has helped hundreds of concert and festival promoters in many countries.

Your project’s work can be performed either remotely or live on-site, depending on the need. Have a promoter on call, for instant phone or email consultation anytime 7 days a week!

How Not to Promote Concerts book cover


At age 20, Hal promoted the biggest bluegrass music festival in American history, Stompin 76 in Galax, VA. This was after promoting many legendary concerts in Maryland in the mid 70`s. As a former Ringling Bros. Circus & Ice Follies Promoter, Vegas stagehand and Casino Promotions Director, promoter and designer of many festivals/ concerts, you can take advantage of his remarkable and intense marketing and operations capabilities in one person, not available anywhere even with an entire staff. Learn from his incredible experience. You don`t want to pay dearly later for a lack of foresight now.

Hal Davidson is a legendary music festival producer consulting and providing specialized marketing, administration or production for an array of events from trade shows to major music festivals. Recently producing ROCK FIESTA™ in the Arizona Desert, March, 2016. MTV called it a diamond in the rough. Read all about it.

There are very few promoters with such diverse and extensive event marketing experience.Hal`s relative low cost enables you to afford the advice of a festival hardened professional at a fraction of what a large company would charge, if there was one. Every event is unique. Every Promoter has a different signature.


  • President - Cactus Productions, Inc., Las Vegas, '75
  • Stagehand - Local Union 720, Las Vegas, 70's
  • Promotions Manager - 4 Downtown Las Vegas Casinos
  • Promoter of many concerts, MD, late 70's
  • Promoter - Stompin 76 , VA (attendance over 150,000)
  • Regional Marketing Director ' Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus/ Ice Follies and Holiday On Ice, D.C., 70's
  • Director of Marketing Marvin's Sport City, MD, '80-84
  • Director of Marketing National Sports Warehouse, 80's
  • Marketing Director - Vacation Break USA, FL 1988-92
  • Marketing Director ' Safari Internet, FL 1997-99,
  • Promoter - Stompin 79 & 99, WV
  • Show Manager- Super Pet Expo, MD, 06-'07
  • Designer of JamSouth, TN '07
  • Promoter - Unite Concerts, UniteFest, TN '08
  • Consultant - Sticks Country Music Festival, AL '09
  • Consultant - Rio Grande Scenic Railroad Concerts/ Fests, CO '09
  • Consultant- One Summer Music Festival, Australia ’12-‘13
  • Consultant- Under One Sky Music Festival, NJ ’12-‘13
  • Consultant - NW Arkansas Amphitheater, AR ‘13
  • Consultant - Miami Conciertos, FL ‘13
  • Consultant - Rock The South, AL ‘13
  • Consultant - Carver Theater Festival, LA ‘13
  • Consultant - Aimee Copeland Benefit Festival, GA ‘13
  • Consultant - Cyprus Super Yacht Festival, Cyprus ‘13
  • Producer - Rock Fiesta, TX ‘13
  • Nashville Guitar Festival, TN ‘14
  • Carver Theater Festival, LA ‘14
  • Kern Country, CA ‘14
  • Country Boom, WI ‘14
  • Guitars East, Canada ‘14
  • Country For The Cure, Canada ‘14
  • Consultant - Louis Armstrong Fest NYC ‘15
  • Consultant - Canadian Cancer Society, Country Fest, Canada ‘15
  • Consultant - Omega Point Productions, AR ‘15
  • Consultant Select Entertainment, TX '14
  • Consultant Rawckusfest, CA '16
  • Producer - Rock Fiesta, AZ ‘14-‘16
  • Producer - Big Brush Creek ROOTS Music Festival & Campout, TN ‘18
  • Founder/ Producer STOMPIN, TN ’19-‘22
  • Consultant/ Director ROCK THE COUNTRY, GA ’21-‘22

There's more to music festivals than you think

Stompin 76 poster
Rock Fiesta poster
Ice Follies and Holiday on Ice poster
Kinky Poster
Michael Franti & Speerhead poster
Orlando Music Collector's Convention Poster
Big Brush Creek Music Festival
Mercy Me poster
Concert Scene

The historic Stompin 87 crowd       

Stompin 76 Concert Line-up
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  • Due Diligence- County/ permits
  • Fest site search
  • Cost & Revenue Sheet
  • Festival Proposal
  • Marketing - Advertising, Promotions, PR
  • Marketing Plan
  • Web design and ecommerce
  • Festival Business Plan
  • Executive Summary or One-sheet
  • Sponsorship proposals
  • Co-promotions
  • Site operations Camping/ Parking
  • Stage Production
  • Security, EMS, Fence
  • Transportation, hospitality
  • Vendors and merch
  • Beverage distribution
  • Talent considerations
  • Staff and Volunteers

Benefit from more than 4 decades of festival and concert experience!

There are very few promoters with such diverse and extensive event marketing experience.

One trial visit to your location can tell you the feasibility and entire cost of your proposed event. That right festival in the right place and the right time of year, will provide you or your organization with an expanding annuity for the rest of your life. You will provide jobs, taxes, positive economic impact and increase tourism in your area. Involve the community and increase support from local orgs.

Hal`s relative low cost enables you to afford the advice of a festival hardened professional at a fraction of what a large company would charge, if there was one.

The formulation and management of a music festival is extremely detailed and demands all of your time. Hal can streamline the effort by suggesting cost effective, proven systems and methods.

Hal can be on site and run your entire operation or handle segments you need help with. Many retain Hal for on-demand phone call and email advice.

Festival Consulting to accommodate your unique needs.

Every event is unique. Every Promoter has a different skill set.


• One Sheet (Summary) with your logo explains the what, where, when of your event. (Separate One Sheets may be necessary for different viewers, IE. investors, public/ media (included)

• Other possible One sheet versions: local gov't/ police/ fire/ public works, venue, potential sponsors, etc.

• Executive Summary Usually 2-3 pages with overview cost and income projection

(Requires either phone and/ or email discussion of facts. It's your event, your information is the doc's root.)

• Budget & Revenue Projections

• Exec Summary with Budget/ Revenue Projections

• Concert Plan/ Investor Proposal 5-10 pages is based on how many concerts and how big

• Festival Plan/ Investor proposal 12-20 pages depending on the scope and budget

• Contracts/ Agreements Venue, Investors, Operating Agreements, MOU, LOI

• Consulting by phone/ email, 1 hour (multiple hrs. discounted)

• On-site consulting for venue research/ surveying, general project planning/ sponsorship meetings, etc.


Mick Roberts, New York City “Hal, you are a treasure.

Anthony Crum, Denver, CO “I could have never written that Business Plan in a thousand years.

Gary Bond, Irving, TX “It was a tremendous experience talking with you and more importantly, it's good to know that we share a belief in God and doing the right thing.

Simon Kyriacou, Australia "Hal is one of the most inspirational people I have ever come in contact with. His down to earth nature coupled with decades of experience within the entertainment industry, I highly recommend Hal from conception through to completion of your event!

Nick Blight, Australia “A big thank you for the information that you gave me

Art Grayson, B’ham, Alabama “You are the best

Nainona Kuna, Hawai i “Thank you so much for the valuable information, and for being so readily available to your customers/clients. It's nice to know that such great help, is only a phone call away.

Lance Cheslock, Alamosa, CO “Thanks for your generosity...so much food for these people! It was such a bright point for me! Justine commented what a good experience she had meeting you! Thanks for getting me some business cards and clothing items for the shelter too!

Kelly Prochnow, Mexico City “Oh my goodness, thank you for putting a smile on my face, love it!!!! You now have a big fan(which I am sure you have plenty), and I now have a new role model for your strength in character, your sight and follow through, and your simple love for life.

Dave Bryson New Jersey “Thanks for the kind words Hal- Good luck with all your endeavors- you are one of the good ones!

Jake Berman, Phila., PA “I really appreciate speaking to you, especially on a Saturday afternoon. I couldn’t have obtained this valuable information anywhere else at such a low price. I’d like you to consult on my entire festival.

Jason Land, L.A., CA “You are solid. I want you to be part of Entertainment Only.

Sammy Prosser, Melbourne, Australia “I can’t do this festival without you.

Riva Valentine, events planner, CO “Hal is the only published author or experienced promoter that I have found who publishes his phone number and picks up the phone when he's in or promptly returns your call when he receives your message!

There are countless more promoters taking the time to thank Hal for sharing his experience and assisting them with their events. It`s hard to find caring help these days

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The content and layout of this website rentapromoter.com © is the exclusive property of Hal Davidson. All rights reserved, 2022. No part of this website may be used online or in print without written permission in advance. Published by Hal Davidson, Rockville, MD, USA 20855.

Hal helps promoters daily.

Energy in = Energy Out

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