Here are just some of Hal’s recent clients….

Dear Mr. Davidson,

Thank you for getting the Manual to me so promptly.
Thank you especially for taking so much time with me on the telephone during our sessions. It was like having a series of private seminars with a real professional Promoter. It really helped open my eyes to a lot of details and reality on costs I had overlooked.
Riviera, Texas Promoter


To All Promoters,

I have planned political events but was tasked at organizing a benefit concert and thought Hal's book would be the perfect. I knew nothing about music events or starting a business. The same day Hal gave me a referral he couldn't take. The client hired me to produce a CD Release Party! Thanks to Hal's book, a little handholding from Hal and him composing a detailed agreement for me, in 1 day I was able to start a business. I am so grateful for this book and Hal`s generosity.
Jen, Washington, D.C, Promoter


Comment for posting: Hal Davidson consulting,

I've received hours of consultation with Hal and the results have been phenomenal. You come out of consultations with Hal exuding confidence because Hal teaches you how to approach a venue and buy media. He teaches you how to speak their language and he teaches an attitude that you must have when you approach them.
His experience and knowledge is absolute, when I told him what my vision was for my comedy series, he instantly began creating one idea after another and literally took the whole concept to another level, it was incredible.
The more questions Hal would ask the more ideas were created. After about two weeks, I had a complete business Plan that I could take to the market place without hesitation. It's become apparent to me that my future as a promoter in terms of attitude and creating viable comedy concerts is inside of Hal`s head. This is the # 1 reason I will be calling on Hal regularly, and will continue studying with him. He sees my vision.
He is the best at his game. Hal is my coach in this game, and he has gone well beyond merely providing consultation advice. He's been there to answer all of my questions whether late in the evening or on the weekend. I guarantee he could easily charge two to three thousand dollars for his consultations, others are doing so, but they won't teach you what he does.

Do yourself a favor and study this business and craft with the help of Hal`s consultation.
Steve, Los Angeles Promoter



Deepest of gratitude to you-
Thank u for your care and interest in my fest vision. You are a godsend.
Can't wait talk more and use your experience. Tremendous Help!
Respectfully Yours,
New York Promoter


You are a one-of-a-kind resource to promoters. I know of nowhere else I can call or email for the inside info. on methods, plans and procedures to promote. The depth and scope of your experience and talent is most valuable to promoters everywhere!
Chicago Event Promoter


Comment for posting: Hal Davidson consulting

Hal is a quality human being. Always puts his heart into everything he does, When it comes to promotion advice, Hal`s a straight-shooter. Be honest- treat others with utmost respect- take full personal responsibility and don't leave anything undone which must be done. Hal lays out each step that must be taken in order to make your event a profitable success!

His practical value FAR outweighs his consulting or book cost. Any aspiring promoter would be foolish to pass over the opportunity to tap into the 30+ years of experience from a seasoned pro like Hal.
David, New Jersey Promoter

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